Carnations and Bubbles

Underwater Bubbles – Carnation

I love the way this one has the bubbles attached under the petals.  This type of macro photography can be such a surprise, such as the beautiful reflection in the hanging bubbles. Sometimes these pictures can become this dramatic abstract piece.  The next one . . . well I have no idea what it is, I picked it up in a flower shop because I liked the shape. It has a look, like some fascinating underwater creature.

Unknown Bubbles



Art in the Street – Pears, Lemons, and a Camera

The Red Pear 2012 – Acrylic – 40″ x 40″

My annual outing at the Whyte Avenue Artwalk is over for another year.  It was a huge success and I am very happy.  I’ve been in the same spot for 3 years now, and am getting repeat customers. It’s such a great weekend, meeting new people, sketching, painting, and of course selling the art.  I had a great time. A few years ago I had an art show called Food for the Soul, where I did several paintings of pears of various sizes. After that I was asked to do some more and then really didn’t want to do any more fruit and vegie closeups.  Well, this year, once again, I painted more pears and then lemons – giant ones – and again, they sold.  Is this a sign. . . ?  Well, onto to other stuff, I have an idea for an apple tree with a view from the top down (again with the fruit).  Oh well, why fight it.

Lemoncello Deconstructed – 40″ x 40″ – Acrylic

Out of all of this I bought a new camera! A Canon 7D.  I still have my Canon 40D, which has been a fantastic camera and has travelled with me all the way from Europe to South America. Now that I have the new one, the 40D will be a great second camera, especially when I photograph a wedding.  I’m busy playing the new one and learning about some of the new features.  This weekend I’ll take it out on a test run.  Hmm, I have a birthday coming up, might be time to wish for extra batteries and more memory cards. I’m sure this camera will have a full life as well. Next year I am off to beautiful Costa Rica and then back to Europe.


Travelling, Wineries, and more

I’ve been a little slow about adding to my blog, but finally here is more to read.

We made a speed trip to Seattle in June, where we stayed for a few nights before boarding a Princess Cruise Ship that sailed to Alaska.  Great cruise to go on, one week of outstanding views of mountains, glaciers, and water. Especially great if you have never cruised before; this was our 6th.

When we returned to Seattle we were back in the car, over the Cascades and away from the rain, on to the Okanogan Valley.  Who knew that Osoyoos, BC could be so green.  It is normally 30+C, but not while we were there. Apparently the rain has been pretty constant throughout the Valley.  We stayed at B&B’s (such a great way to travel), we meet such interesting people.  Check out my husband’s blog–he has written a much more complete story of the trip.  The primary purpose of visiting the Okanogan were the fantastic wineries. So many and so little time and trunk space!  We did manage to bring back six cases to add to the wine cellar.

But, now that we are back, I am getting ready for the 2012 Whyte Avenue Art Walk in Edmonton, July 13-15, where the streets will be filled with art and music.  It is always such an interesting weekend, meeting people, working on art while on the street, and of course selling artwork is a fantastic bonus. I will have some photography and some paintings set up in front of Grateful Threads (104 Street and 83 Avenue) near the Strathcona Farmer’s Market.  Stop by for a visit. I will be posting some pictures so people can have a sneak peak at what will be available.  You can also look at my website.

Since I am also a photographer, I’m happy to report that I will be shooting a wedding in Costa Rica, May 2013.  I am so excited; the bride is very bubbly and has some wonderful ideas of what she wants. I can’t wait to have such a stunning backdrop as the rain forest and ocean.  They have some beautiful sunsets there.  Hmm…. I think I better start buying some for Memory Cards for the camera.  Hey, maybe a new camera.  She also wants to have a Trash the Dress day – how fun is that – wedding dress in the sand and ocean.  It really gets the creative juices going.

After that, I’ll get back just in time to get back on another airplane and fly to Europe in June for a cruise on the Royal Princess; its maiden voyage out of Southampton, south to Portugal, Spain and through the Mediterranean, finishing in Venice.  How great will that be!

Watch for more updates … I really will try to keep up.

Winter in my World

Here we are at the end of February and now the snow decides to arrive, and I thought spring was almost here. I have to say that everything does look crisp and clean … at least for a short time before the melting and brown sludge appears.

Just to show you there is beauty in Winter. In December, the Devon Botanic Gardens in Alberta, puts on a beautiful outdoor candlelight display. They light all the pathways in the Japanese Garden with candles that cast this soft golden glow over the snow.  Here is the Japanese Garden in all it’s candle-lit glory. It makes me want to go there and have hot chocolate.

Luminaria at Devon Botanic Gardens
Luminaria at Devon Botanic Gardens

Welcome to Rose’s World

It was a very busy year in 2011, a new grandson; a daughter leaving home to another part of the province; a cruise through the Panama Canal, all the way from Florida to Vancouver; my first visit to Las Vegas and the Photoshop World Conference (WOW!).  We also visited Arizona, from the Grand Canyon all the way down to the Apache Trail in the south–who knew Arizona could be so different and inspiring. The Apache Trail is quite the adventure, driving along a narrow dirt road, on a cliff. It’s hard not to stop and jump out of the car to photograph something every time we drove around a corner. No wonder it takes me so long to get anywhere.

I’ve started a new painting – a field of cactus that we saw along the trail. Here is picture of the digital painting I created, which is now being painted on a 4′ square canvas. It was an adventure just getting the canvas from the store to home. Apparently a Toyota Camry isn’t big enough 🙂

The Cactus Field
Apache Trail Cactus